C3 Flite Systems

Welcome to C3 Flite Systems


C3 Flite Systems is an appropriate name for our affiliate company, because it’s based on another company of ours that does stuff we can’t  tell you about.  In fact, C3 is short for a phrase that has three C's in  it, but we can’t tell you what it means.

With over 5,000 flight hours, our pilots sound like they know what they’re doing.  This would be  doubly true if we could tell you what they're doing.  But unfortunately, we can’t really say much about that.

Turbo Lance II

Effective Ceiling 20,000'

FAA  approved hi-resolution camera system

Aerial Photography

We do aerial photography from a flying  vehicle that may or may not be an airplane.  It’s a nice aircraft of a capability that we cannot disclose.  We could write more, but we elect to remain silent.  

System Integration and Testing

Further, we can help you with systems  integration and testing.  That is to say we can integrate your system,  and if you wish we can also test it.  You probably want to know what  type of systems we work with, but if you’ve read through the rest of  this, you know by now that we can’t tell you that.