What We Do

Lite  Machines develops, manufactures, markets, distributes, and supports UAV (Unmanned  Aerial Vehicle) platforms and control systems for military, law  enforcement and civilian/industrial applications. Our in-house design  and manufacturing capabilities allow us to produce the most cost  effective UAVs on the market.  Pictured: Dave Arlton, VP Lite Machines, testing installation of cockpit camera feed monitor.

We Support Your Requirements

Unique Technology

The Voyeur UAV physical  systems are unconventional and significantly simpler than traditional  coaxial helicopter designs.  One element that sets it apart from  traditional vehicles is that each rotor has its own motor.  Using two  separate motors reduces the number of parts in the rotor drive train and  blade control system by 80%. 

Sophisticated Capabilities

The Voyeur UAV can  accurately be called a ‘flying computer’.  The complex electronics and  software form a sophisticated flight management system that translates  active flight sensor data into adjustments in rotor movement  approximately 50 times per second.  Control software in the ground  station stores terrain mapping and mission profile information.  

Modern Facilites

Lite Machines Corporation has been designing and manufacturing micro-size RPVs and UAVs for over 18 years, and have manufactured and sold over 15,000 micro-helicopters worldwide since 1995.

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